HarlemLIVE Teaches Foreign Youth in Vermont

2004 – “Harlemlive was something that opened my eyes on the world,” said Russian exchange student Darya Zolotova, “To see 17-year old kids who’ve already achieved so much …. It’s something I’ll remember all my life.”

Zolotova participated in last year’s Project Harmony a series of workshops for participants of the US State Department-funded Future Leaders Exchange Program. Last year four HL youth were flown to Middlebury College in Vermont to conduct workshops with 30 high school exchange students from 12 former Soviet countries. The HL staff

were such a hit, they were asked to attend again this year. Web designer Shem Rajoon, Editor Chris Davis, Video Editor Aisha Al-Muslim and She Thang Editor Ashleigh Covington represented HL.

The HL teens were there to teach the youth how to create web magazines with few resources, of which HL has been an expert. HarlemLive was there to encourage them and to let them know there are teenagers doing the same thing in their own community,” said veteran HL member,Rajoon.

“For me, I get a chance to see that pepole all over the world are not much different than we are.

Photos from previous year’s trip w/ Kyesha Edwards, Kat Vorotova, Eddie Aung, Shem Rajoon

Shaunetta Gibson

WASSUP! This is the time to elaborate on the privilege of having duties. I have been working with HarlemLIVE for a couple of months now and it has been a serious. It’s been a lot of work but I keep learning new things and enjoying the process. It is going to stay LIVE and GULLY here at HL because I believe that even though everyone has a lot of work to do and a commitment to HL that they have a commitment to themselves to put effort into their work and not forget their here because they want to be here. No one forces us to participate in programs that help enhance our skills, to have fun, or to accomplish self-set goals; we do that all on our own.

One of my prospective duties now will be getting in contact with potential partners who would be interested in becoming members of HL, also People who’d be interested in helping HarlemLIVE financially, personally and/or in anyway externally and/or internally. So if your one of those people you can always get at me at mlk11bsgibson@yahoo.com.

Shaunetta at work

To sum up what I am like I am a very friendly person and often I find myself open to learning anything. I am very busy because I am very active. I’m an attendee of Martin Luther King High School of Arts and Technology, and proud member of my school leadership committee, “Hands Across The Campus”. I’m also a dedicated member of my After School Program, “The After School Program in The Lincoln Square Business Improvement District”. I believe I am capable of bringing the knowledge, time, experience, patience and the creativity that I have and continuously develop to HarlemLIVE. 

Two things I hate most about doing anything is being bored (so of course I have to make my time here fun) and doing something that seems incomplete. I also have to add my own since of creativity to my duties. 
I have been able to work on Journalism, Photography, Public speaking/Public Relations, Administration, Web editing and Marketing for the time that I have been with HL (doing a little bit of everything with the permission of time). I’ll be here at HL doing what I can for a minute, so I’m going to enjoy my experience because I want to. I want to make a difference and HarlemLIVE will be a starting line. In any event that there’s a finish line, I hope that no one is waiting at the end because then I would be able to realize everyone was doing their own thing, racing against time not me. 

I love expressing myself through writing and THIS publication is helping me expand my opportunities and possibilities for myself and my future…Now my whole life story must be told in as much detail and essence as possible, I have all the time in the world…and…just kidding…But I love to write, as I mentioned before, but my main passion is THINKING, if that is even considered a past time. Umm what else talkative is my middle name, opinionated, energized and poetic are words that describe me. I love energy especially chemistry (the chemistry between an idle person and her workspace, the chemistry between a person and a goal and even chemistry between people who appreciate the completion of an idea. (Lets not forget Calculus. Oh wait that’s math but I think ya’ll get the picture.)

While I’m writing I have to shout out The Studio Museum In Harlem because I got the opportunity to be apart of the “Expanding the Walls” program (from the fall of 2003 to the summer of 2004), an intergenerational photography based program, which was a great experience. That allowed me the experience in learning about myself and my historically valued culture (much props to SMH) Any way Thanks for listening to my motor mouth behind and check me in a couple of more months when I have some more to say because I can never say to little or too much because I value my thoughts. My profile might even be shorter…
Check YA Later, Netta Dizza

Kwami Coleman

Reporter / Writer

(2001) Hey, my name is Kwami Coleman. I’m a Harlem native and presently a senior at LaGuardia High School for Music, Art and the Performing Arts as an instrumental music major, studying piano. I’m one of the two pianists for the senior jazz band at school. Outside of school, I enjoy reading various works of literature and writing various styles of work. Even more so, I enjoy listening a vast array of musical types. Other than all that, I just like havin’ a good time, with friends or just lounging by myself. I hope to contribute my background in music as well as a different voice from the Harlem community.

Seul Shakee

My name is Seul Shahkee. It means the only peaceful warrior. Originally from da DR but grew up in east Brooklyn.  I am a very athletic person. I play Bball like almost everyday. And swim as much as I can. I like to do a lot of stuff for fun! Besides sports, I like to go to the movies. Go bike riding or just chill and wild out. In some of my free and bored time, I like to go on the net and chat wit my peepz.  “Life iz CrAzY”  I have a very complex personality. I am not afraid to try out anything new. I may hesitate a little, but I am definitely not afraid! I am very friendly, . I like all types of music especially Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B. I always keep an open mind at all times. I have my good qualities and bad ones. Sometimes I act crazy, sometimes I am calm and quiet. But, at anytime you catch me, I am always fun to be with. Want to find out more about SkillZ or maybe just holla back and Spread sum luv? You can holla at me on AOL/AIM. My Screen Name is DangSkillZ

Nkrumah Tinsley

Hi my name is Nkrumah Tinsley; I’m from Harlem, New York. I’m not really sure what I want to say so I’ll just tell ya the basics. I was born 04-05-82 in the middle of a snowstorm. My hobbies are sports, music, and computers. Even though I’m pretty lazy, I like to move around a lot. That’s part of the reason why whenever I go looking for a job I always try to get one where I’ll be mobile; even if I’m moving boxes, at least I’m not confined to a cubicle. I also want to co-own if not own, a night club in New York City. Working at HarlemLive is just one way of me exploring my interests in life.

Fairusa Ibrahim

Reporter / Writer

Fairusa Ibrahim

(1997) Hi I’m Fairusa Ibrahim and I am a junior at George Washington High School. I was born in Accra the capital of Ghana. Ghana is a country in west Africa. It is always hot. Man, that sun use to be so hot over there I would feel like an egg frying in a pan. Ghana is a beautiful place to visit. You can dress anyway you want to depending on the weather conditions. My friend’s and I use to go to the beach to have fun. The water was clean and clear and the seafoods were fresh and affordable. Ghana is a country full of different ethnic groups and every ethnic group has a festival. I came to the United States a couple of years ago. My favorite sport is tennis. I am planning on going to college after I graduate from high school. I want to be either a pilot or a doctor. I recently joined HarlemLive and I am enjoying it. It is interesting and exciting. I am looking forward to working with the members and staff of HarlemLive. I encourage everybody to join.