Alicia Crosby

Reporter / Writer

(2001) Watz up, My name is Alicia and I’m 15 years old. I go to the High school for Health Professions and Human Services. I play varsity basketball and volleyball for the Lady Vipers (AAAHHHOOOWWW!!!). I also like to play softball. My favorite subjects in school are English and science. I love the Yankees (New York’s only baseball team in my opinion). I like all types of music but my favorites would have to be hip-hop and R&B. When I get older I want to become a pediatric oncologist. 
I found out about HarlemLive through my father who’s a staff member at another Harlem publication. I used to write for the paper at my junior high school. Being a part of the staff here is a great opportunity because it will give me a chance to write again (my school doesn’t have a paper). 

Kareem Smith

Reporter / Public Speaker / Chef

(June 2006) There are many reasons that technology is very important the simplest and most complex things in this world surround technology. I this essay I will briefly describe some of the many attributes to technology, as well as my interest and what I know and previous knowledge. 

              As a member of the Harlem live team I wish to achieve Knowledge in Journalism web, design but most of technology. The reason why I want to explore the wonderful world of technology is because the world we live in is surrounded by technology and soon if we fail to stay well educated our great nation will slowly fall of the pedal stool on which it now stands. 

            The important classes which I already participated in has thought me many things that tray already begun to teach.   Such as parts of a professional camera, that the air bubble must be centered on the tripod and things of that nature. These things will help discern if I really want to go into the media field after college. 

            I plan to dedicate at least eight hours of my time a week to Harlemlive in the coming school year so this experience definitely will no be time wasted. As much as I have a desire in learning video I strive to conquer all parts of the media program here at Harlemlive. It is my personal belief that this will make my knowledge of video technology much better, it will also challenge me to learn everything, which will stimulate my mind. 

This experience which is like no other program I have ever experience will be my most challenging experience yet, In conclusion I hope to use this opportunity that is truly a treasure to discern my future . 

Jarel Cockburn

Adult Advisor / web design

(2000) Jarel Cockburn is presently a senior at Columbia University majoring in Computer Science. Cockburn is a business development consultant with experience in technological infrastructure, operations, and market analysis.

Cockburn has worked at J.P. Morgan for the past two summers concentrating his efforts on business flow, customer client interactions, technological infrastructure and contingency planning. While working within the Markets group, Mr. Cockburn focused on data integrity and data-cleansing initiatives. At the Global Equity Support Group (GES), his charter was to gauge and report on desktop application efficiencies and strategies. 

Mr. Cockburn will graduate at the end May of 2002. His plans to pursue opportunities that will further hone the skills he has attained thus far and also to acquire new ones. Start-up environments and turn-around organizations are of particular interest, as his work style enables him to multi-task across different disciplines and timelines. Mr. Cockburn volunteers as an advisor at HarlemLive, an up and coming Teen ³webzine², by editing articles and providing technological and fundraising advice to its Board of Directors.. March 2002

Angelique Anderson

Adult Advisor

“Creativity is my life. The computer is my medium.”
While working on my thesis for a Master’s degree at School of Visual Arts, NY, I realized how expansive computer art could be, as well as fun. After graduation in 1997, I decided to look for a program or start one where I could share all this knowledge I had acquired with African-American teens. One day I heard Bernard White on WBAI interviewing students from HarlemLive. I knew this was the group I wanted to work with and contacted HarlemLive.
I have been involved with HarlemLive since the Fall of 1997. I teach computer graphics (2D and 3D) and multimedia development using various software:

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Macromedia Director, Strata StudioPro, CosmoWorlds.
BIO: After working 20 years in the corporate world of 7th Ave. I decided to expand and lead a more creative lifestyle. So in 1991 I enrolled in a computer photo-etching class and became fascinated w/the computer.
This inspired me to quit my full-time job and enroll full-time in art school. My life was blessed and my hard worked honored. Last year the project I had worked on for 3 years “Orishas’ Garden” was awarded, nominated by Epson,to become a part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Permanent Research Collection in Wash., D.C. It also received a nomination for a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship.
Presently, I am planning a show for the year 1999 to be exhibited in NY and Europe. For HarlemLive I plan a series of graphic/multimedia summer workshops.  

Jed Boikai

Reporter / Photographer

My name is Jed Boikai I was born on April 24, 1984, at the Metropolitan hospital in Manhattan. I am 14 years old and I live with my parents. I love computers. And I like to work many different types of them but mainly Macs. The things I love the most is basketball and football I am a great wide receiver or running back that’s what I want to do when I grow up. I graduated from St. Simon Stock and I am going to high School in the Bronx the name is All Hallows. All Hallows is a good school they have many different activities Basketball, Football,Soccer, and many more.I hope to be very succesful at All Hallows.


Tameeka Mitchem

Editor in Chief / Reporter

(Jan 2000) Hello, My name is Tameeka Mitchem I am a high school student and recent journalist to Harlem Live Magazine. I attend Satellite Academy and I am in the 11th grade. My birthday is Dec. 30 and I am a Capricorn. I am an avid reader and some of my favorite books are “She Comes Undone” by Wally Lamb and “A People’s History Of The World” by Howard Zinn. 

I love to read and write alot. I mostly read a lot about politics and I read a lot of non-fiction. My favorite authors are Terry Mcmillan and Cornel West. I like how Terry expresses the emotions of African-American women and I like how Cornel shows the intelluctual side of African-American people.

My favorite colors are Purple and Grey. I enjoy going to the movies, hanging out with my friends, bowling, playing spades and listening to music. Some of my favorite music is R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Classical, and some Gospel. Some of my favorite artists are Biggie, Common, Lauryn Hill, and Sheryl Crow. I am a honest and sincere person an at times a skeptic. But I am open-minded and enjoy hearing others views and I also encourage comments about my work and give them as well.

Michael Blanco

Web Editor / Photographer

(Dec 2000) My name is Michael Blanco. I was born in 1984. I live with my mother in our new apartment in Washington Heights. My sister moved on and is now attending Vanderbilt University, and I had just started my second year of high school at Brooklyn Tech. I like to do many things like rollerblading, playing basketball, and coming to HarlemLive. I found out about HarlemLive through the Summer Youth Program, and I am glad I did. I like to work on my skills in Java script, html, CGI with my teacher Joshua Wilder. I also want to start learning Cold Fusion. I hope to get a job in the field of engineering, but I still don’t know which part of it yet. I hope to help HarlemLive grow bigger and better.

Kuamel Stewart



Greetings. Nah thats corny. Whats sup viewer. My name is Kaumel but my tag is Melo. I go to Martin Luther King high school on the west side. You could probably say I’m a pretty cool person. I would say I’m grounded or pretty much would like to be. I’ into poetry and other forms of creative writing. My most prominent aspiration is to be become a writer, but that will probably be overshadowed by my childhood dream of studying law and political science. I also have an interest in graphic design and architecture. But enough about the dreams.
If you wanna know me for real here it is. I believe I’m quiet but I’ve suffered some great opposition to that but thats alright. People say I’m a good listener. I’m not saying I’ll hear your problems and give you advice I just listen well. I’m really dedicated academically and thats probably my prime focus for right now. But the quickest way to get to know me is through poetry honestly. Poetry gets me goin so to speak so if you want a long conversation with me just criticize my work. haha.
In other news: I joined HarlemLIVE because I could pursue my dream of writing through journalism here. I know its a lot of work but I am willing to complete the tasks handed to me because I know in the future I’ll be doing the same thing. Plus I like to perform my work and HarlemLIVE gives a chance to do that on a regular basis. Also the people here show some of the same characteristics so we all have something in common. Besides here I’m in a couple of other programs like my after school program. I also attend a program at Columbia University called Upward Bound at The Double Discovery Center. There cool programs but not better than HarlemLIVE, I think.
If you would like to know more or have any additional questions you could email me at or IM at melo418 (aim).

Alex Rabin


(2003) Hi my name is Alex Rabin. I was born on July 26, 1986. I am currently attending high school at York Preparatory school, located on 68th street. I enjoy writing, playing the drums, basketball and art. I joined HarlemLive a year ago. Since then I have improved my writing and journalism skills. I also hope to become an important contributor at HarlemLive.