Al-Amir Jordan

Video Production / Mentor

Name: Al-Amir H. Jordan 
Age: 21 (02-26-1985) 
Occupation: student at NYC College of technology, Wingspan Arts Inc.
Career Goal: Finish school and start on Masters.

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by. I hope what you liked what you seen on the site already. As you can see my name is Al-Amir Jordan and I was born and raised in America . My parents and my older siblings are from Barbados which is a small island in the Caribbean that has a little over a quarter million citizens.

I enjoy the simple things in life from hanging out with friends to just watching Television. I really like being on the computer doing stuff. Right now to keep my stress levels down, I play games when I get a chance. I love taking apart my computer and putting it back together again, photgraphy, writing in my online journal (send email if you want to read it. contact info at the bottom), walking, listening to music, talking to my friends, having debates about what wrong with this country and what can be done to fix it. My friends and I get into debates a lot which is good because I learn something new every time.

Well if you want to know more about me, or have any question you can reach me 

Jarel Cockburn

Adult Advisor / web design

(2000) Jarel Cockburn is presently a senior at Columbia University majoring in Computer Science. Cockburn is a business development consultant with experience in technological infrastructure, operations, and market analysis.

Cockburn has worked at J.P. Morgan for the past two summers concentrating his efforts on business flow, customer client interactions, technological infrastructure and contingency planning. While working within the Markets group, Mr. Cockburn focused on data integrity and data-cleansing initiatives. At the Global Equity Support Group (GES), his charter was to gauge and report on desktop application efficiencies and strategies. 

Mr. Cockburn will graduate at the end May of 2002. His plans to pursue opportunities that will further hone the skills he has attained thus far and also to acquire new ones. Start-up environments and turn-around organizations are of particular interest, as his work style enables him to multi-task across different disciplines and timelines. Mr. Cockburn volunteers as an advisor at HarlemLive, an up and coming Teen ³webzine², by editing articles and providing technological and fundraising advice to its Board of Directors.. March 2002

Angelique Anderson

Adult Advisor

“Creativity is my life. The computer is my medium.”
While working on my thesis for a Master’s degree at School of Visual Arts, NY, I realized how expansive computer art could be, as well as fun. After graduation in 1997, I decided to look for a program or start one where I could share all this knowledge I had acquired with African-American teens. One day I heard Bernard White on WBAI interviewing students from HarlemLive. I knew this was the group I wanted to work with and contacted HarlemLive.
I have been involved with HarlemLive since the Fall of 1997. I teach computer graphics (2D and 3D) and multimedia development using various software:

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Macromedia Director, Strata StudioPro, CosmoWorlds.
BIO: After working 20 years in the corporate world of 7th Ave. I decided to expand and lead a more creative lifestyle. So in 1991 I enrolled in a computer photo-etching class and became fascinated w/the computer.
This inspired me to quit my full-time job and enroll full-time in art school. My life was blessed and my hard worked honored. Last year the project I had worked on for 3 years “Orishas’ Garden” was awarded, nominated by Epson,to become a part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Permanent Research Collection in Wash., D.C. It also received a nomination for a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship.
Presently, I am planning a show for the year 1999 to be exhibited in NY and Europe. For HarlemLive I plan a series of graphic/multimedia summer workshops.