Del Sledge

Faculty Advisor

This is an exciting time! As an educator I’ve seen many changes in the field of computer technology. The most important changes have been that of computer literacy for all and the availability of cutting edge technology to the public sector (especially schools). Change can be both good and frightening but it will be innovative projects such as HarlemLive which will help parents and children move into the new technological age smoothly with understanding, and purpose. I look forward to acting as an advisor to HarlemLive. This internet magazine will provide an opportunity for our children to take in the technological revolution and to be heard all around the world. As parents we look to supplement our children’s learning experience and to provide them with creative outlets. Let them take part…let them write, question, interview, photograph, brainstorm and build upon their current talents and skills. In doing these things our children will be able to show Harlem to the world, share the communities past accomplishments and rich history, and reveal our many diamonds.