Boxing Popularity A Question Mark

by Kuamel Stewart

It would be pretty hard to believe that one could infer that Boxing’s popularity and relative success is amongst the bottom compared to major sports. Now that it seems that it’s not even improbable because some experts have concluded that Boxing does not have the exposure, growth and economic success as other major sports.

Justin Blare, who is the owner of Church sty. Boxing, is an esteemed boxing figure in his community. He commented on the controversial topic. “Boxing is suffering terribly. It’s not as popular as the other sports we have and it lacks organization. It has been in the same state for decades and needs help. Somehow we have to find a way to attain more media attention. We need more organization. If things keep going the way they have, then I see Boxing in the same state as it is now if not worse. 

Most provide an explanation for this is due to the products of Boxing. Unlike other major sports, Boxing does not have apparel such as sportswear and accessories that are attractive and easily accessible. The little that they have is not really favored by consumers. Other sports are able to advertise heavily because they have full three or more full schedules in which there games are viewed on TV and listened to on radio. Compared to other sports, the boxing fights that are considered “must see” or spectacles come around maybe 4 or five times a year. Boxing receives its buzz on these rare occasions compared who get the same viewer response on a nightly basis. One can already infer what that does for marketing. 

Also, the other major sports are team sports, which induce the sports to organized play and more of a spectacle. Boxing however is an individual sport in which the fighter hires promoters to sell the fight, conventionally making there own commission. 

Boxing isn’t designed to produce financially for the sport because all the money that is gained is distributed to its participants and workers. Boxing isn’t a sport that sells itself. It sell’ its prized fights with paperview, advertising and promotional viewing. The fights that an average fan would calla regular season basketball fan would call a regular season basketball game are exhibitions. Unfortunately about 70% of boxing is “under cards”. Most big money fights take place after the up and coming or champion has solidified them self as a seller for a huge fight. Most of those fights happen maybe 4 or 5 times a year with significant time in between expended which leaves boxing to be forgotten. 

Rick Stevenson who commentates exhibitions at Church street boxing was very open on the topic. “Look. We have to accept it for what it is. Boxing is a great sport. It is unique in its own way. Because of how it is conducted, it can significantly be separated from other sports. But Boxing does not get the publicity that other sports do and its true. And in the same token, Boxing has not done anything to make people want to see it more. It’s a horrible thing because it’s a great sport, but its true. 
John “Punisher” Wright, who is a local participant at Church st., boxing believes that boxing is in a good condition. “Yeah it’s not like the other sports where you see a lot of commercials and what not. But its not like no body watches it. I’m pretty sure when big fights come on, millions of people watch it. It cold do better but I think its doing fine”

Richard Munson who goes by the name Richie has been a trainer at Church st. Boxing for almost ten years. He has never trained someone whom the public has significantly recognized. But he is very knowledgeable about the sport. “Yeah I think boxing is on the decline.

But I don’t think its because of the publicity of the sport. I think its because of the diminished talent we have. Over the years we have lost great prospects. We don’t even have someone who represents the heavyweight division contently. And that’s the most esteemed division in boxing. That just goes to show where boxing is. We need more great fighters and less people are becoming interested in the sport because of quality. Once we get more fighters, we’ll be back on our feet.

In a summation, boxing is really yearning to be desired. But on a positive note, it is content with its current standing because of the conditions in which it is viewed. Its not like the sport is going into recession. It’s not resorting to new market strategies to attract viewers like hockey and the MLS. It’s a formidable sport; it’s just not exposed as much as the other sports.