Cadidra Johnson – Reporter

My name is Cadidra Johnson and I’m a senior in Urban Peace Academy. I am 17 years old. My birth date is November 19, 1982. My interests are watching television, writing, singing, and dancing, and also going to the movies. 

In the near future, I would like to attend Delaware State University. I would like to major in psychology and maybe double major in business. My goal right now is to finish high school and go to college. My interest in music are, Yolanda Adams, Gospel singer, Cash money millionaires,and many others. I am a cool person with both females and males but most of the time I like to stick to myself. I like to avoid problems in an adult and respectful manner. I rather be a peer mediator than to be part of the coflict. So any one that need a friend I’m here to talk to.

Erica Sosa – Reporter

My name is Erica Sosa. The reason I want to work with HarlemLive is because I feel it would be a good experience. If I ever grow an interest in working with computers someday, this would surely come in handy. I can also learn how to work with others and as a team. It is a privlage working on computers with HarlemLive because computers are the gateway to the future.
Now to write about myself. I was born on August 19th, 1983. I have one stepbrother and stepsister and a brother.I live with my mother. My interest are acting, singing, and drawing.

Matthew Martin Reporter

Hi, my name is Matthew Martin. I was born January 2nd, 1983. I’m currently 5 feet, 51/2 inches. I weigh 116 pounds. The school I go to is New York Prep. It’s on 113th Street and Second Avenue. 

I’m a nice young man that’s willing to put in a lot of effort for my work, so I can be the best that I can be. I will add more later.

Del Sledge – faculty advisor

This is an exciting time! As an educator I’ve seen many changes in the field of computer technology. The most important changes have been that of computer literacy for all and the availability of cutting edge technology to the public sector (especially schools). Change can be both good and frightening but it will be innovative projects such as HarlemLive which will help parents and children move into the new technological age smoothly with understanding, and purpose. I look forward to acting as an advisor to HarlemLive. This internet magazine will provide an opportunity for our children to take in the technological revolution and to be heard all around the world. As parents we look to supplement our children’s learning experience and to provide them with creative outlets. Let them take part…let them write, question, interview, photograph, brainstorm and build upon their current talents and skills. In doing these things our children will be able to show Harlem to the world, share the communities past accomplishments and rich history, and reveal our many diamonds.

Johnny Holmes Photographer

My name is Johnny Holmes. I was born January 18, 1982. I was born in Lincoln Hopital in the Bronx. I live with my grandmother, Francis Butler, my siter, Ashley, my older brother, Lamont Butler, and my two cousins in East Harlem. 

Johnny Holmes w/ sister Ashley and older brother Lamont.

I love to play basketball and baseball. I am on five different basketball teams. I play uptown, downtown, cross town. Some people refer to uptown as the west side, but I play in the Bronx, too. I also coach kids 12 years and younger in basketball.

My goals are to be a basketball player and a lawyer or school teacher. When we argue in school, I always come out on top. I’d like to be a teacher because I’ve had a lot of good teachers.

I’d like to work on HarlemLive because with the internet, you learn a lot of new and different things . You read and see things you’ve never seen before. It’s like a real life adventure.

Tiffany Santiago – Reporter

My name is Tiffany Antoinette Santiago. My birthday is February 9, 1983. I am the oldest child of four. I attend school at Manhattan East. I am currently in the eighth grade, and hope to attend high-school at Laguardia high-school. When I get older I want to become a pediatrician or a actress. Right now I am very interested in art. I like working on Harlemlive because you are able to learn different things about Harlem and because you are also able to see and learn from the internet. I also like writing for Harlemlive because I like writing stories and I like to interview people. I also like to go out and see the things I am writing stories on.

Kevin Benoit – Editor in Chief (2004-2006)

2004 – Kevin is an entrepreneur from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic movies. What more can one say. Kevin is a Capricorn born January 2nd. He is younger than you might think and he is currently in his second year at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. He is a graduate of George Wingate High School in Brooklyn. One day Kevin would like to become a lawyer/author and live in a mansion next to the shore of Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. 
Kevin has been at HarlemLive since June, not long but he is already the Editor In Chief and has written many articles on the site including features on Eric Jerome Dickey, Vickie Stringer, and Ms. Slyvia Woods owner of Slyvia’s World Famous Restaurant. 
Kevin does it all, business man, friend, student, “the man” and believe me “HE GETS THE JOB DONE.”

Keisean Marshall – Entertainment Editor / Reporter

Keisean Marshall

July 2005

Keisean Marshall currently holds the Entertainment Editor duties at HarlemLIVE. He joined HarlemLIVE in the Summer of 2005. In his Senior year in Rice High School. He also holds the title of Editor and Chief of “The Raider Eye”and reporter for “School Sports Magazine.” 

Once Keisean is finished with college he plans to go in the career direction of Broadcast Journalism. He somewhat has his plans set- from age 21-32 he wants to report the news and anchor. From then on he wants to have his own Television Show. 

He is inspired by talk show host and journalist, Oprah Winfrey. For college he has his eye set on the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. He is a very focus person and very grounded for a 16 year old.

Keisean resides in Harlem with his younger sister and mother.

Keisean Marshall is a 16 –year- old student attending RICE High school. In his free time he hangs out with friends. Although he lives with his mother and baby sister, it doesn’t stop him from blasting hip- hop and R&B music. After Keisean completes his last year at RICE, he plans on getting a BA degree. He also wants to be a news anchor, host a talk show or own his own company. Keisean was asked why he came to Harlem Live “to put my foot into the door of journalism, you always have to start somewhere,” he replied.