Matthew Martin


Hi, my name is Matthew Martin. I was born January 2nd, 1983. I’m currently 5 feet, 51/2 inches. I weigh 116 pounds. The school I go to is New York Prep. It’s on 113th Street and Second Avenue. 

I’m a nice young man that’s willing to put in a lot of effort for my work, so I can be the best that I can be. I will add more later.

Jimmy Belfon


My name is Jimmy and I am 11 years old. I attend Central Park East 1 elementary school. I’m in the 6th grade. My Hobbies are working with Computers, collecting basketball cards, Photography, Fishing and I am starting to build model cars. The reason why I wanted to work with HarlemLive is because I think that it is interesting to have a kid publication on the Internet. I also went this past summer to Alaska. I went with my family. We were fishing for Salmon and Halibuilt and Dolly Vardan.

Erica Sosa – Reporter

My name is Erica Sosa. The reason I want to work with HarlemLive is because I feel it would be a good experience. If I ever grow an interest in working with computers someday, this would surely come in handy. I can also learn how to work with others and as a team. It is a privlage working on computers with HarlemLive because computers are the gateway to the future.
Now to write about myself. I was born on August 19th, 1983. I have one stepbrother and stepsister and a brother.I live with my mother. My interest are acting, singing, and drawing.

Frankie Brannon – Web Design

HI! My name is Frankie Brannon I was born July 07 1985 as you probably already know I am a part of HarlemLive, I am working as a web designer and I am currently working on the map project. 

I have two brothers, one is getting ready to attend college the other one is in middle school. I like to play sports I’m very athletic. I play tennis at my high school on the varsity team. I also play basketball. 

I enjoy working with computers. I just love the new Internet economy, everything just about makes me want to learn more. The key is to read everything you can get your hands on. That’s how I got to were I’m at right now. There is not that much to say about myself or I just can’t think of anything. So I’m going to let you go. Peace!! 

Leinz Vales

Hello my name is Leinz Vales from Brooklyn, New York. I am a young, handsome Haitian Brother from around the way. I like long walks on the beach and candle light dinners. On the real, I am 16 years old and attend Fort Hamilton H.S. in Bayridge, Brooklyn. I belong to an organization called Global Kids, that deals with working with kids to be leaders of their community. I also belong to a variety of different organizations, but you would have to email for that info:

I like swimming and playing basketball. My future goals in life is to go to college and study videoagraphy and later after that go around the world and produce documentaries on different cultures all over the world.

This is only a little somethin’ somethin’ on what makes up Leinz Vales. If you want to know more, you know where to find me.

Laura Cespedes – Editor / Web Management

Hello my name is Laura A. Cespedes. I go to the high school of Fashion Industries. I was born on July 25, 1982. I am a Leo. I love my sign because I love all types of cats. My favorite subject is Art. In Junior H.S. and elementary I’ve won the best and highest art awards. I am in my third year of high school. When I graduate, I plan to go to the School of Visual Arts and become an animator for the Disney company. I have four sisters and one brother. My parents were raised in the Dominican Republic; although people think I am Puerto Rican, I am not. I was born and raised here.

Jamael Skeete – Photographer

Hi, my name is Jamael my birthday is November 27,1984.I am a Saggitarius.I am 17 years old.I live in Brooklyn and I LOVE TO PLAY THE PIANO.I was playing the piano since I was three years old.I love to write my own music because my music tends to soothe people’s heart.I started to write my own music at the age of three, I think that I am truly dedicated to music.I am a considerate person under certain circumstances. I love to listen to a variety of music such as R&B,Latin music,and Jazz.I am in my first year of college at medgar evers as a computer science major.I am a very shy person and once you get to know me I can really be a nice kind of guy.My future goals in life is to become a web designer.I hope that i can gain the most information that i can so that i can be succesful in life.I left harlem live in the end of 2000 and after coming back in sept of 2002 I have missed out on so much. even though two years have passed I still am the same person that is dedicated to music and a considerate person under certain circumstances. I continue to write my own music and hope to be able to have them published. 

Juan Rodriguez – Technical Operations

Hello, my name is Juan James Rodriguez-Lavazarri.
IÕm new so excuse me if my profile sucks IÕm new at this.

Here’s how i got here:
I just moved to my cousin’s house in Manhattan not too long ago, and I don’t know anyone around here yet. She suggested I go check out the play to win center and the programs they have .I was not really excited at this idea at first but she told me about how some of the programs work with computers, and i love to work with computers. 

After dropping by Richard told me about Harlem live and my cousin encouraged me to join so here I am now. 

Here is a little info about me:
My nickname is Magic, but around the net my name is Ultra The Vampire, UTV for short. 
I love to work with computers. IÕve been working with computers for as long as I can remember, and I have learned a lot about them, I have even built my own PC. I like rap and r&b music. I enjoy playing video games in my spare time and one day i hope to own my very own video game company.

Larcenia Cooper – Reporter


My name is Larcenia Cooper, and I’ll be 17 years old in July (1999) . I live in Manhattan on the upper west side and I attend Hunter College High School. I am in the 11 grade, and am on the swim team, and the track team. I live with my father, step-mother, and my two brothers. 

I don’t like writing profiles because I am not sure what to say about myself. I spend most of my time nowadays doing homework, studying for SAT’s, and doing stuff for Harlem live. I joined Harlem live to improve my computer and writing skills, but it actually turned out to be allot of fun. Anyway I don’t have much else to tell you so if you have questions then e-mail me at Lcooper @ Harlem

Cadidra Johnson – Reporter

My name is Cadidra Johnson and I’m a senior in Urban Peace Academy. I am 17 years old. My birth date is November 19, 1982. My interests are watching television, writing, singing, and dancing, and also going to the movies. 

In the near future, I would like to attend Delaware State University. I would like to major in psychology and maybe double major in business. My goal right now is to finish high school and go to college. My interest in music are, Yolanda Adams, Gospel singer, Cash money millionaires,and many others. I am a cool person with both females and males but most of the time I like to stick to myself. I like to avoid problems in an adult and respectful manner. I rather be a peer mediator than to be part of the coflict. So any one that need a friend I’m here to talk to.