Danya Steele

Editor in Chief / Journalist / Public Speaker

May 2001

Ok here’s the deal–> It’s virtually impossible-exorbitant even to express who I am in these words. Words were created by humans, yet we as humans were created by something higher so there’s no way to ever truly convey one’s personality through mere adjectives-no matter how verbose you are. I believe that in essence, this statement is true for all people-but I’ll hit you with a tidbit or two…

I’m a 16 year old high school junior who enjoys any thing positively creative. You can say I have a lot of things under my belt, but here at HarlemLive, my main focus is that of journalism. I’m a writer-and I’ve been a writer as long as my memory allows me to recall. Writing releases a certain emotion or aura that spoken words simply cannot do at times-and I like that. As far as future plans go, it’ll be a major in psychology with a minor in journalism. Then it’s off to obtain my doctorate-my Ph.D… JEAH MAAAAAN before you know it, it’ll Dr. Danya…and of course I’ll write some books in the process…but anyway, I’ll end this here. If you have any questions or comments concerning HarlemLive, feel free to call us here at 212.369.6275. Cya!


Profile from March 2004

20-year old Danya Steele is a prolific product of HarlemLIVE. A film producer, journalist, editor, and public speaker, Danya has worked in online media, radio, print, and broadcast with The AVE Magazine, Hot 97, Rolling Stone, FOX Network, WireTap MagazineMigente.com, The Oxford Student, UCT Radio, and many others. 

Danya got her start as editor-in-chief of HarlemLIVE at age sixteen. She came in as a wide-eyed writer and quickly grew into much more. Danya has interviewed BlackPlanet.com’s Omar Wasow in that website’s earliest heyday; investigated quality education in Harlem; and, directed an undercover expose on shelters for homeless teens in New York City. 

At seventeen, she was the headline profile for Teen People Magazine’s “20 Teens Who Will Change The World” for her work in youth media and advocacy and has since spoken on panels for Essence Magazine, Columbia University’s School of Journalism, National Association of Black Journalists, National Coalition Against Censorship, Ubuntu Education Fund, Pew Charitable Trusts, and others. Danya lectures frequently on the power of media literacy, the need for media reform, and representation of various groups in pop culture. 

Danya maintains her commitment to the grassroots organization that helped launch her career by serving as Chair of HarlemLIVE’s Board of Directors — the first alumni, and therefore youngest member, ever elected. Already, Danya has founded the organization’s first college preparatory program, The Ivory Tower Project, profiled by CBS and BET in spring of 2003.

Presently, she is co-producing her first full-length documentary, a discussion on the evolving identity of young Black America, and is a staff writer for The AVE Magazine, an urban culture publication that covers social and political issues. Danya has studied at University of Cape Town (South Africa) and Oxford University. Now back in the states, she is double majoring in political science and sociology. Her website will debut in Fall ’05…

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