Jamael Skeete – Photographer

Hi, my name is Jamael my birthday is November 27,1984.I am a Saggitarius.I am 17 years old.I live in Brooklyn and I LOVE TO PLAY THE PIANO.I was playing the piano since I was three years old.I love to write my own music because my music tends to soothe people’s heart.I started to write my own music at the age of three, I think that I am truly dedicated to music.I am a considerate person under certain circumstances. I love to listen to a variety of music such as R&B,Latin music,and Jazz.I am in my first year of college at medgar evers as a computer science major.I am a very shy person and once you get to know me I can really be a nice kind of guy.My future goals in life is to become a web designer.I hope that i can gain the most information that i can so that i can be succesful in life.I left harlem live in the end of 2000 and after coming back in sept of 2002 I have missed out on so much. even though two years have passed I still am the same person that is dedicated to music and a considerate person under certain circumstances. I continue to write my own music and hope to be able to have them published. 

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