Juan Rodriguez – Technical Operations

Hello, my name is Juan James Rodriguez-Lavazarri.
IÕm new so excuse me if my profile sucks IÕm new at this.

Here’s how i got here:
I just moved to my cousin’s house in Manhattan not too long ago, and I don’t know anyone around here yet. She suggested I go check out the play to win center and the programs they have .I was not really excited at this idea at first but she told me about how some of the programs work with computers, and i love to work with computers. 

After dropping by Richard told me about Harlem live and my cousin encouraged me to join so here I am now. 

Here is a little info about me:
My nickname is Magic, but around the net my name is Ultra The Vampire, UTV for short. 
I love to work with computers. IÕve been working with computers for as long as I can remember, and I have learned a lot about them, I have even built my own PC. I like rap and r&b music. I enjoy playing video games in my spare time and one day i hope to own my very own video game company.

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