Janet Jackson: Mommy?

by Keisean Marshall

November 2005

The Jackson name is in the news once again, and again it’s 39-year-old Janet Jackson. It is rumored that her and her former hush-hush husband James DeBarge has a secret daughter. The 18-year-old daughter is named Renee.

This latest scandal was un-covered on New York City’s WQHT-FM (“Hot 97”) last Friday by Young DeBarge- the brother of James DeBarge. It took her a week for her to even deny or confirm this rumor which leaves me skeptical- but the pop star is never in a rush to confirm or deny a story, it took her years to acknowledge that she was actually married to DeBarge; it wasn’t until choreographer Rene Elizondo filed for divorce that it was revealed. 

It is said that Janet Jackson and James DeBarge, of the family band DeBarge, wed in 1984 when she was 18 and he was 21. The marriage was said to have ended in annulment in 1985.

E! TV reports that. Brian Oxman, an attorney for the Jackson family, said the version he heard had Jackson’s record label urging the then- emerging star to keep the kid out of the picture. Since Oxman was in a position to ask if it was true, he said he did. “The answer was no way, no how,” he said Monday. “From the sisters to the mother, every last one of them never said it happened.”

E! TV did the math, a Jackson-Debarge baby who was 18 in October 2005, would have to been born in 1987, or late 1986. Either way, the timeline means the child would have been born after the couple’s reported break up, and during Jackson’s emergence as a superstar with her solo breakthrough “Control”.

The teenage daughter is said to be living with Janet’s sister, Rebbie Jackson, 56. Rebbie is the mother of three children with he husband Nathaniel Brown. 

In a brief statement to NBC’s Access Hollywood Janet Jackson said in response to these allegations; “I do not have a child and all allegations saying so are false.”

The question is why are all these accusations are coming out right now, is it because Young DeBarge has just released a new album that he is currently promoting and wants to boost sales?

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