Leon Pryer – Web Editor

July 2006 –
Hi my name is Leon Pryer. I go to Martin Luther King Jr. High school (Arts & Technology). Im going to the 12th grade. When I graduate I want to go to college, and the college I want to go to is School of Visual Arts. what I want to do
in life is be a cartoonist / video game designer.

I have a small family, I live with my mother, grandmother,uncle, and brother in a three story house. I have a backyard with a hoop I got for my thirteenth Birthday. when I come home After doing my homework I shoot around for fun
during saturdays I hang out with my friends we chill at my friends house.

Some of my hobbies are drawing,and palying games. I draw when I have free time or when I get board. I play my game on sunday because that the day I
have nothing to do.

During afterschool I signed up for after school programs. the most recent after school program I was In was the Achievers Academy. Thanks to joining
the Achievers Academy I got this job through the T.A.S.C..

There were other after school programs I signed up for was Central Park Conservacy Youth Media Out Reach Program, Harlem Home Boys, and MInisink. To give me something to do instead of wasting my time. I always try to have my day full but always have time for me.

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