Angel Colon – writer / photographer

My name is Angel Colon. I was born September 17, 1983. I live in East Harlem.

I want to work for HarlemLive because there is a lot of good things that happen around Harlem that people should know about. I want to work hard putting out HarlemLive and in the future become one of its chief editors.

I live with my mother and my father, one brother and two sisters, so the house does get packed. I love computers and I like almost every sport.

When I grow up I want to be many things so I have to make up my mind pretty soon. My brother Daniel is the second oldest so that will make me the oldest and the cutest. My brother is following my footsteps into computers (I think). My sister Marta is older than my younger sister, Tamara. They both are very smart. Marta is going on 10 and Tamara just turned 2, two weeks ago.

Evelyn Colon is my mother. She is also with HarlemLive. My mother is who I want to be like even though there is nothing wrong with my father. My mother is a teacher and is going to NYU in the fall. My father works for a record company.

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