Elliot Price

Web Editor/ Reporter

Hi, my name is Elliot Price (friends call me easter) I was born on May 14, 1985. Really my interest are playing Chess, drawing and just being a total a** on the computer. I’m really social, I think it’s because I feel that I’m not promised tomorrow so I live the day as it is. I guess that’s why I’m so humorous. The school I’m attending now is A. Philip Randolph it’s pretty cool as far as academically. But there’s many distractions such as girls who hound me 24/7. I’m not going to lie but I really like it. Also right now I’m working on a school project in “technical drawing” I have to draw a whole clock it’s challenging but fun at the same time because drawing comes naturally to me, I guess. My future plans are to go to a good college and hopefully get a great job in either medics or engineering. I guess that’s either my interest or wanting a lot of money talking. L.O.L 

another profile by Elliot

Hey everyone this is your favorite Harlemlive Web Editor Elliot Price. From posting stories, to teaching students PhotoShop, I do it all. And I give a big thanks of my knowledge to the one and only strength of my life Jesus Christ. I currently attend A. Philip Randolph High School for studies in engineering, Besides working 24/7, I enjoy just hanging out. One of my favorite hang out spot is 42st.Where something is just bound to happen. 
I first joined Harlemlive at the age of fourteen, I’m now sixteen and academically stronger than ever. Harlemlive has been a dream come true. So keep in touch and look for my name in up coming stories. ONE.

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