Aboulaye Ballo

Hello my name is Aboulaye Ballo. I am twelve years old. I was born in Ivory Coast of West Africa on August 1st. I go to the Broadway Center for the Arts and Academics (B.C.A.A) M.S 44 in 77th street. I like to play basketball. I am a real good basketball player. I have a jumper and I take it in easily. That’s not the only thing I am good at. I am a very good artist. I could draw anyone or any thing if I try very hard. I have only been here in the Harlem Live since Wednesday, October 16, 2002. I am the youngest of everybody in there. I live in an apartment building on 112th Street and St Nicholas Ave. I live with my mom, dad, sisters , and one brother. I live in a nuclear family, which is an family that contains brothers, sisters, mother, and father. 

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