Story behind the Art

I went to the metropolitan museum. I started doing a person on the street (pos). I interviewed a couple of people to get there perspective on the metropolitan museum and here are my answers…

(Me):Do you like the Met museum

Emma:I love the met I live down the block and I come here all the time

Me: is there any art here that you like

Emma : I have a favorite painting here that I have to see every time I come to the Met. its a picture of Joan of the arc . Joan of arc belived that the voice of god was telling her to fight for her country.

Me: Is it an inspiring piece of work

Emma: I think so. I’m a writer and I think about it a lot when I’m writing about her kind of power that she has about painting

Me: Thank you so much for your time.

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Me: Is there anything about this museum that you like

Aisha: yea its big so its a place to walk and learn at the same time

Me: is there any art in particular that you like

Aisha: I was walking around I just got here and so far I like that glass wall

Me: would you visit this museum again

Aisha: yes I will when I come back with my daughter

Me: thank you for your time

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Me: do you like the museum

Artist: of course It’s a wonderful museum I love it

Me: is there any art here that you like

Artist: there is many things that I love in this museum I’m a painter so there is a lot of paintings that I like especially in the European wing but I also of course love sculpture. but I like this piece of art right here(Memory).

Me: what do you like about this piece of art

Artist:I think that she’s very elegant and i love the facial expressions and the shape of her face and also the pose . It’s called memory so if you look closely she is holding a mirror in her hand but if you look carefully she’s not looking at her self she is looking at something behind her. So it’s kinda about looking at things that already happened back in time.

Me: wow that is really interesting i didn’t notice that

Me:would you visit this museum again

Artist: yes i would I’ve been here many times and I’ll be coming here once a week till may.

Me:Thank you so much for your time

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Me: Do you like the museum

Wimping: yes but it’s too big

Me:is there any art here that you like

Wimping: i like the European painters

Me: which painters do you like

Wimping: leo divinci ,vango,

Me:would you visit this museum again

Wimping: yes im coming tomorow cause its so big you need to spend at least 2 months to see the whole thing

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