Kelly Koblacki


Hi I’m Kelly, I’m an intern at Harlem Live from City-as-School. I am really into writing so ill hopefully be doing some writing. I think i have pretty good writing skills so ill put them to some use here. I’m 17 years old, my birthday is Februrary 19. I’m a Pisces/Aquarius. My birthday is in the middle of the 2 signs which makes me a little of both. I’m from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn and i live with my mom, sister and grandma. Besides going to school i work at a bagel store and spend time with my friends. we chill, go to each others houses, go to shows/concerts, go out to eat at places such as Yaffa (i <3 Yaffa), dye hair, play with make-up, carry my lunch box and enjoy being girly! Music is an important part in ones life…it says a lot about a person. My favorite, the all chic band, The Lunachicks! I also like Blondie, The Smears, Metro Stylee, The Cure, Guns N Roses, The Toasters and a bunch of other ska/punk/girly rock/80s metal bands that i just don’t have the time or patience to list. I don’t mean to sound cheesy or anything but since I’m rambling about myself i might as well tell you, i like piercings and tattoos. I have 5 piercings not including my ears and 3 tattoos with more to come. Last, but certainly not least, I’m a big animal lover and… I LOVE PUGS!

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