Jarel Cockburn

Adult Advisor / web design

(2000) Jarel Cockburn is presently a senior at Columbia University majoring in Computer Science. Cockburn is a business development consultant with experience in technological infrastructure, operations, and market analysis.

Cockburn has worked at J.P. Morgan for the past two summers concentrating his efforts on business flow, customer client interactions, technological infrastructure and contingency planning. While working within the Markets group, Mr. Cockburn focused on data integrity and data-cleansing initiatives. At the Global Equity Support Group (GES), his charter was to gauge and report on desktop application efficiencies and strategies. 

Mr. Cockburn will graduate at the end May of 2002. His plans to pursue opportunities that will further hone the skills he has attained thus far and also to acquire new ones. Start-up environments and turn-around organizations are of particular interest, as his work style enables him to multi-task across different disciplines and timelines. Mr. Cockburn volunteers as an advisor at HarlemLive, an up and coming Teen ³webzine², by editing articles and providing technological and fundraising advice to its Board of Directors.. March 2002

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