Michael Puchades


My name is Michael Puchades [Soon to be Romero], I am14. I live in East Harlem with my mother [Patricia Puchades], my father ,[Ralph Romero] my little sister [Elsa Rosalia Romero] and my older brother [Louis Anthony Rodriguez].

March 1997

My favorite type of music is R&B [Boyz 2 Men, Marvin Gaye, Soul for Real…] .I also like Rap and Hip Hop. I like playing baseball, basketball, and my favorite sport, football. Over most of this year [1996] my brother and I got together a few of our friends and played softball. 

I’ve lived in “The Big Apple” all my life and most of it has been good with a few rough spots. There are a lot of beautiful females in New york. To all you gorgeous girls that want to kick it with a homey, look me up.

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